Why Federal Employees are joining AFSCME

Because with AFSCME you get:


a voice on the job

A union negotiates collective bargaining agreements with management covering important personnel policies such as performance appraisals, health and safety, leave, work schedules and much more.


a voice in workplace changes

A union also negotiates with management over changes in working conditions, including reorganizations, office/shop moves or new personnel policies.  A union forces management to take your views into account.


representation with workplace issues

AFSCME trains employee shop stewards to represent their co-workers.  These individuals are supported by experienced staff representatives and union attorneys, who also represent individual employees at the higher levels of appeals processes.  All union contracts contain a grievance procedure that ends in binding arbitration by an outside, neutral party.


a voice on Capitol Hill

With AFSCME you are part of one of the strongest lobbies on Capitol Hill.  Professional lobbyists employed by the 1.4 million-member AFSCME International Union work with other organizations to defend our pay, benefits and job security.  Through lobbying, AFSCME has saved jobs and stopped contracting out, among other victories.  AFSCME helps strengthen our voices by coming together in one powerful grass roots lobby.  We don't always win, but we are always in the fight.


These are tough times for federal workers. By joining together, we can effectively defend our rights and benefits. Become a part of the AFSCME family today.


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