Shutdown Report No. 2

Thursday, October 3, 2013

(AFSCME Council 26)

There will be a major rally tomorrow (Friday) to protest the government shutdown sponsored by the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Speakers will include Members of Congress and rank-and-file union members, including our own Dan Ronneberg, a furloughed Aviation Safety Inspector  with FAA/AFSCME Local 1653.

Date: Friday, October 4th

Time: 11 am

Place: On the S.E. Capitol Lawn near 1st Street and Independence Ave. S.E

             (Closest Metro Station: Capitol South)

I urge you to attend and raise your voice in protest against the shutdown. AFSCME T-shirts will be provided to the first 25 members who show up.

More on Unemployment Insurance (UI)   

First, you must file in the jurisdiction where you work, NOT where you live.

DC, MD and VA encourage filing for UI on-line or via phone because none can handle the number of walk-ins affected by the shutdown

The link for DC  UI is 

For Maryland: you should file your claim on-line using the Federal Civilian Employee Application for Benefits. If you do not have internet access, claims may also be filed by telephone Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Here is the Maryland link:

For Virginia: Virginia is requiring a paper form that has to be filled out and mailed to Richmond. Heres the VA link:

File for you Unemployment Insurance today and attend the rally tomorrow (Friday)!


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