The Union Plus Legal Service Difference

Monday, August 3, 2009

(DC Labor)

Union members rely on expert advice from their unions on workplace issues and now the Union Plus Legal Service helps workers find lawyers who can answer their personal legal questions. The service offers labor union-friendly lawyers, substantial savings with no annual fee, a free initial consultation and a large attorney panel with lawyers a phone call - 1-888-993-8886 - away. Lawyers on the legal panel have expertise in family law, traffic matters, wills and estate-planning, real estate, immigration law and more (NOTE: for workplace matters, union members should be sure to consult their local union; Union Plus Legal Service is for personal legal matters). The Union Plus Legal Service is designed to make legal services more accessible and affordable to union members and their families, simplify the search for legal advice for working families, and encourage the use of preventive law-get advice before a legal question becomes a legal problem.

"I found the most organized & customer service driven lawyer through Union Plus after several dead-ends," writes a satisfied client. "He was direct, tech savvy & responded promptly to emails & phone calls."

- Kathleen McKirchy, Executive Director


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